• Refresh Your Mind · Body · Spirit
  • Refresh Your Mind · Body · Spirit

Enjoy our curated international list of properties that offer mind · body · spirit wellness…but with a farm-fresh twist!
Search below for refreshing getaways to renew yourself.

Welcome to Farm to Wellness Retreats - the first international curated list of spas, resorts, farms that offer mind•body•spirit wellness – but with a farm-fresh twist! This farm-fresh twist makes all the difference, which includes:
either a farm, garden or vineyard on property
true farm-to-table cuisine
or using indigenous, natural ingredients or products in spa services

I’m Mary Blackmon, and I realize that wellness means different things to all of us. To me, farm-fresh food is at the core of great health, but it’s also essential to your mind•body•spirit wellness! That’s why we think it’s important to find a getaway that not only offers something to improve your overall wellness, but that also offers its own farm-fresh twist! Check out the hundreds of properties we’ve selected via our search, and I sincerely hope you’ll be on your way to your best and most healthy, inspired self yet! I so appreciate your being here. #LiveGrounded!

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